An Independent and Trusted Local Partner

Over 20 years experience working with international market leaders.

Being a local agent and benefiting from our entensive 20 year market experience in the US working with Fortune 500 companies, we are the prime choice for coordinating and managing provider-customer relationships for internacional customers sourcing in Portugal.

We've identified great potential in companies operating out of Portugal and our business model revolves around turn-key solutions to make these benefits available to foreign customers. A well-educated labor force coupled with a stable and foreign-welcome culture make it an attractive destination for companies to leverage and reinforce their business and teams in virtually any capacity.

The Bridge service allows international customers access to this wealth of skill and affordable labor within Europe, while minimizing the risk tipically associated with hiring foreign providers. Our included services (free to customers) allow for better communication channels and understanding of business commitments, as well as assistance with provider relationships on behalf of the customer.

To take advantage of our services, start by finding your target providers with Bridge Certfication and activate your protection.

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Address & General Contact:
R. Dr. José de Carvalho, 44, 1 Esq.
3770-355 Palhaça

[email protected]