Why is my receipt in Portuguese or say Portugal in the customer data?

We are a service based in Portugal and for clarity and local fiscal compliance we issue all website receipts in Portuguese and in a standard recognizable EU invoice format. As such, you may also see the term "Portugal" displayed in the customer data section.

I received an incorrect invoice/receipt

If you received an incorrect receipt (or were sent someone else's in error) and need it corrected, please let us know at the email below so we can cancel the invoice and issue you a new correct one. Only invoice-receipts from the current month can be cancelled and re-issued. This scenario may be possible if two sales are processed at the exact same time by our invoicing solution.

EU Invoices/receipts

As outlined in the new Scorecard purchase page, we only provide services to business customers NOT in VAT regimes (with the exception of portuguese customers), so you will not find your national fiscal ID, entity name, or reverse-charged VAT amount in your invoice/receipt. See "Was I charged VAT" below.

Was I charged VAT?

No. Since we only provide services to businesses, under EU law and the Reverse-Charge mechanism, we do not collect VAT for business sales ("IVA" in your portuguese invoice/receipt). If you were mistankenly charged VAT on our international site, please let us know as soon as possible at the email address below.

Why and what is the client "Cliente Final"?

This is the general client used for all website receipts. Cliente Final translates to Final Customer in english and since we don't charge VAT to companies and there is no requirement nor benefit for the customer's full name, address, or fiscal ID on receipts under 1000 Euros, the general customer name is used for business practicality. If you have a need to include your fiscal ID, business name, and address in any invoice, please do not purchase directly thru the website and contact us below.

My company's fiscal ID shows "Consumidor Final" instead. Why?

As with the client name above, there is no need for a fiscal ID to validate VAT deductions under the Reverse-charge exclusion (since you were never charged VAT), and attempting to validate your company's fiscal id through the VIES service on every sale on the website would not be practical and would affect your ability to perform your business task, as well as ours. It would also likely cause a temporary ban from the service when sales volume is above a certain threshold. To this effect, instead of a fiscal ID, international customers will see the mention "Consumidor Final" which stands for Final Consumer, similar to Final Customer method above. The receipt you've received as a PDF is a valid legal document and can be used to prove your purchase for any other tax purposes in your local tax jurisdiction.

For other inquiries, you can contact us at [email protected]

Taxas de IVA regionais

Estou numa região autónoma com taxa de IVA diferente, a minha empresa está isenta de IVA, ou tem taxa inferior ao que aparece na fatura. Porque fui cobrado IVA a 23%? O preço final de cada serviço no website é sempre o mesmo, irrespectivo da sua taxa de IVA local. Ou seja, o IVA é sempre pago por nós. A sua fatura é valida para todos os efeitos porque a sua taxa de IVA já foi paga à Autoridade Tributaria e alguma diferença para a taxa nacional continental foi também paga por nós.

O meu recibo está errado

Na eventualidade da sua fatura-recibo ser emitida com um NIF ou dados incorretos, ou tenha sido enviado/a o recibo errado, notifique-nos imediatamente para que a fatura-recibo seja cancelada e outra seja emitida com os valores corretos. Somente faturas-recibo do mês corrente podem ser canceladas. Este cenário pode acontecer quando duas vendas dão entrada exactamente simultânea no nosso software de faturação.

Porque o cliente aparece como "Cliente Final"?

Para serviços prestados e cobrados no website com valores inferiores a 1000 Euros, os recibos são emitidos para o "Cliente Final" sem informação adicional por uma questão de praticabilidade. Similarmente, se não preencheu o seu NIF, a menção "Consumidor Final" aparecerá no seu lugar também. O recibo eletrónico que recebeu em formato PDF é uma fatura legal emitida por software certificado pela Autoridade Tributaria para todos os efeitos necessários no seu negócio.

Para outras questões, contacte-nos em [email protected]