Oct, 18, 2019

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The Bridge global suppliers directory

Our supplier directory is a bit different from all other typical online directories. First, it's truly global, although you can still find local results. Second, and most importantly, it allows you to evaluate providers according to your own business requirements. Third, you can minimize business risk with international companies by electing to choose a Certified Provider, which entitles you to included services.

Benefits of using a supppliers directory

Depending on the directory and how it's organized, directories generally allow you to find suppliers in several ways from one place. What directories don't usually offer are methods to screen and evaluate those suppliers further and according to your requirements, outside of actually calling each of them individually.

Using tags to narrow down potential suppliers

With the BridgeAtlantic supplier directory you can search for providers in any way. You're not limited to browsing huge lists of companies wondering which are even appropriate for you.

For example, if a particular skill is extremely important for your needs, chances are the right providers will also think so and will include a tag for the skill in their company listing, allowing you to find the exact companies for the job right away. Additionally, you can mix and match your tags to include skills, location, industry associations, certifications, technologies, etc. like the examples below show.

Mixing tags

Use tags

Note the search settings on the left include the ISO 3-character abbreviation of the country.

Limiting results by country or region

Similarly, you can also use tags to find local, regional or providers in a specific country. Use any local term you like, or an ISO 3-character code for the country.

Searching suppliers by country

Limit by country

Example of using country tags to find only providers in a single country.

Limiting results by skills, products, etc.

Let's assume you also need providers with experience working with NASA. As you can see in the example below, we're limiting our search of manufacturers to a specific country, of a particular type of product, and with experience working with NASA.

Limiting results by skill, product types, etc.

Tags mix

Example of several types of terms used in searches.

Going local

Now, let's say a lot of the work is going to be done on site and you need a provider with facilities nearby. By adding just one more local tag, and you're done. In this case, we've specified the FL state to get all the Florida-based hits only.

Limiting search to local providers

Local results

View local results only.

Expanding your search

Since our platform is global, you can expand your search the same way across the globe. And the best part, you can perform a prelimiray evaluation of all the companies containing customer ratings.

See theGlobal supplier search related article for more on supplier evaluations.



About Bridge is a global provider discovery and evaluation platform.

Find providers by industry, product.

Rank according to your business criteria.

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