Aug, 28, 2019

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Western Europe is a value-add destination for manufacturing and industrial production within Europe itself, as well as internationally.

Lower production and real-estate costs, access to raw materials, highly skilled labor, and a western and foreign-friendly culture make Portugal an attractive choice for companies (see more here).

Main Exports and Language Skills

Portugal's main exports are industrial equipment, manufacturing and associated raw materials, consumer goods, transportation and auto, machinery, food products, and energy.

In addition, it also has an attractive tech services and BPO sector with most of the working population speaking english and other languages. In fact, of the European countries with the most attractive labor costs (image below), only Slovenia, Romania and Croatia have a better ranking according to the EF English Proficiency Index.

Labor Costs in the EU

Comparison of labor costs in EU countries

Climate, time zone, and easy access for business travelers also make it an attractive destination, especially for American companies, to set up production without interruptions or business service teams that can leverage an excellent national communications infrastructure.

There is also great quality in workmanship and creativity in the labor market that is already leveraged by some of the biggest companies in Europe and Worldwide.

All of these factors make western Europe, and particularly Portugal, an excellent choice for sourcing high quality manufacturing and wholesale products and services. With our platform you can find and evaluate suppliers according to your own business requirements.



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