Included Services and a Backstop

Selecting companies from our Certified Provider network gives you access to free international customer services as well as a Backstop protection, greatly limiting your risk.

Types of Services Included

Hiring foreign providers can be a double-edged sword if you don't have an independent party working on your behalf by your side. Our services strive to achieve just that - to be the customer's voice before the provider. Whether you need assistance with communication, mediation of business conflits, reviewing business requirements, or even help getting the provider to give you a status update, we're here for you.

In short, our job is to facilitate your business transaction and ensure your success by all means at our disposal. We act on your behalf with the provider and we will notify you of shortcomings ahead of time when we see them, as we work with the provider.

What is a Backstop?

If you've ever been taken advantage of by a non-performing provider, you're well aware of the risks to your business. From poor quality products or services that don't meet requirements, dodging contractual obligations, or missing set deadlines. They can have a devastating effect on your business when you have no other recourse than lengthy legal proceedings (which are often used against you in some jurisdictions to "run out the clock").

All these risks are magnified with outsourced or international providers where there are many unknown variables and barriers. The backstop ensures you have one last recourse if you ever find yourself in that situation with a Certified Provider.

In the event the provider fails to honor their commitment or is unresponsive or uncooperative, we act on your behalf to investigate and find a quick resolution. If the provider is found to be in breach of their commitments or exhibits poor business ethics and no cooperation is forthcoming, we can utilize our group leverage to push for an expedited and acceptable resolution, or we will ban the provider from the service permanently and completely, depriving the company of further sales and customer contacts.

As expected, this is the last thing any provider wants as it can be a death blow to their business and a boost to the competition. This option helps you enforce your contracts quickly with any foreign provider on our network while ensuring a high quality pool of providers.